Art & Design - Tenerife

New Experiences - Luke


Today was my first day at work experience. I felt a little nervous but for the most part really excited to meet the people I would be working with and see the floats we would be working on. When we reached the workplace my expectations were exceeded after seeing the incredible floats that were almost completely finished. The team had already been working on them since September, so we had arrived just in time to add the finishing touches. Immediately we were thrown right into gluing sequins to pieces of the float. We had to use a glue gun, which I had never done before, but I got the hang of it in the end. Only one member of the team spoke English, so myself and the other students mostly spoke to him about the carnival and working on the floats. It was really intriguing to hear about all the hard work that had gone before we’d even arrived. We also learnt a lot about the culture of the carnival and the customs observed during the celebrations. It was really great to learn so much about Tenerife and it’s culture on the very first day and I’m looking forward to finding out a lot more in the next two weeks.

The Gala Queen - Amy


We went to the carnival museum which had all the past costumes and floats and the intercut design on the individual pieces was amazing to see, especially seeing the previous year’s queen floats. Last day of work experience, we had the film crew as they were filming for Erasmus and The Tenerife social media, so we were preparing and doing work during filming. We finished one of the floats so we moved on to finishing the second one.
Carnival queen election Gala- was Amazing! There were 50s themed performers and traditional dance groups. All the girls with the floats and costumes performed for the title of carnival queen. It was really overwhelming watching our models come out and perform with the costume we participated in.

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