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Adjusting to Surroundings - Grace


On the first day Rebecca and I got collected at our apartment by our Rita at 7:45am. Rita drove us to our creche where I will be working for the next 3 weeks. When we got to the creche we met Josephine one of our teachers outside the creche and we all went in to meet the workers of the creche in the office. They were the only 2 people in the creche that spoke English; in the office we discussed our paper work and our working hours for the 3 weeks. Rebecca and I are both working 8-2pm but we are both in different rooms, Rebecca is with the babies and toddlers and I am with the 3-6 year olds. We were then brought to our rooms where I met the children and the other workers in the room there is 3 workers altogether and only one could speak English.

The crèche’s here in Germany are very different to the ones back in Ireland as we are have more regulations and rules to follow. They start off their day with free play and drawing the children then gather in a circle to sing songs and the teacher was telling the children where I’m from and about Ireland. Today the children went down stairs to the gym room and did some dancing and exercise, then it was time for lunch the children had soup and pancakes with jam for lunch. After lunch the children went outside to find plastic on the grounds of the creche for their art project they are doing about the plastic in the sea.

I really enjoyed today as it was a different experience to working in a creche in Ireland. The biggest challenge I had today was the language barrier with the kids and workers in the room.

New Machinery - Rossa


This morning I got the bus out to work again for 7:00am and I started my day off helping Sinan with different things he was doing. I spent the most part of the morning using a hydraulic hole punch to make holes in lengths of aluminium, this was handier than drilling them out because it was very fast and all the holes in each different part were all a uniform length from end to end consistently. I had never used this machine before so I enjoyed getting to use and learn about this new machine.
After my lunch, a young lad called Georg working in the work station next to me asked could I help him for the evening. He was working on a CNC milling machine; I had no previous experience working with or around any CNC machines so I was delighted to be helping with this.
Georg was making the same parts all day as a large order had come in from “Aguti” who would be the biggest customer Huber have. As the machine would finish its process, I would clean it off, take of the finished product and de-burr them using a cordless hand drill and a counter-sinking bit. Georg also familiarized me with some of the CNC commands and gave me a brief explanation on how it worked, although this was hard to follow as he speaks no English and I don’t have much German but we got through it. 
At 4:00pm instead of bringing me to the bus Marcel brought me to a local butcher in Waltenhofen which isn't far from Illertalstraße the street I am staying on. There he was picking out traditional German sausages for the workers in the factory for Friday as it is a half day and only a short break is taken rather than one 15 minute and one 40-minute break.

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